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Hi, Would you like a photo shoot or a customized video? Or do you have a special request?

Good! You are on the right page!


Because you have a personalized question, it is impossible to provide exact information or a concrete price determination before we have listened to you. However, this page contains some guidelines and information that should make the process easier. Thanks for reading these guidelines carefully before contacting us. This saves time for both of us!


Customized content can be split into 3 options which are described below:

    Public custom content

    Non-public custom content

    Private content.


Public custom content (such as the usual custom vids): this content (generally it will be a video, but can also be a series of photos) is created at your request, according to your fetishes or special wishes, but will still be posted by us on platforms such as Clips4Sale, ManyVids, etc. This means that you don't have to pay the total cost of producing the video, but only part of it.

The price indication for such a video is € 90.00 for a video of +/- 15 minutes (min. 13 min.).

This price includes the model/actress, the location where we film, the music and the usual goods such as balloons, clothing or other goods needed to make the video. However, if you request the use of specific balloons, rental clothing or other goods, this will be added to the price, with an additional administration charge.

            Why administration charge for the extras? You must understand that we also have to spend time placing orders, picking up goods at the post office, going to the rental shop and registering in the accounting. An indication for this admin is 25% of the extras.

The price of the video can also be lower than € 90.00. For example, if you just ask the model to say "Hi John, this video was made especially for you" or to sign a balloon with her name, the price will be lower, but never lower than €60.00 !

The content of the video must correspond to the usual content of eroticious® videos. The price for a video with content completely different from balloon fetish, clothes ripping fetish and body inspection videos can be much higher and can be considered as non-public custom content.

The model/actress: Our company is based in Belgium and we generally work with international models who tour various European countries. When they tour Belgium, we contact them to make photo and video work. Most of these ladies only come to Belgium once or twice a year, some come very exceptionally. So you can certainly express the desire to make a video with a specific lady that you have seen in one of our previous videos, but in most cases we cannot say when she will tour Belgium again. You can always ask us, but it is not certain whether we can give you an answer. Videos with multiple actresses can be quite tricky to make because models often travel alone. We hire most models/actresses for open leg style. Some actresses do masturbation scenes, but generally for a higher price which might result is an additional charge.

If you are seriously considering a custom video, we can send you a photo or two of the models we plan to work with in the near future in advance so you know what she looks like.

Limitations of the content: We do not make public custom vids with peeing scenes, squirting, farting, poop, etc. and no videos with male-female sexual interaction. The content must be legal and not depict animals, children, violence, public, brand names ect.

Risks and feasibility: The content must not pose any risks to the model and must be feasible to create. You may have the wildest imagination, but it must be feasible to make the video for a reasonable price. If the content could pose any risk to the model, it will not be accepted. See examples of rejected videos below.

Copyright: eroticious has copyright on its products. You are therefore not allowed to publish or sell our videos. However, we normally create one or more teasers (< 1 minute) with each video. These teasers may be used by you for publication as long as this is legally permitted by the platform you are posting them on. For example, don't post nudity on Facebook. The video will be made in the same digital format, will feature our logo, have the same beginning and ending as our usual videos. The production make take a few weeks.

Payment: will be made before the shoot or video recording starts via bank transfer or Paypal.



Non-public custom content. This content is customized and addressed to you only after production. This content is not published by us or anyone else by our mean. Here it is possible to move away from the usual eroticious® video content and focus on a different fetish.

The price indication is € 450.00 for a video of +/- 15 minutes (min 13 mins). This price indication includes model, location and music. Again, this is of course only an indication. An exact price will be determined after your request has been assessed. The video shows our logo.


Examples of custom video requests that were accepted:

- St Patricks Day video: actress has a special dress and lots of balloons in green and white.

- Halloween: a spooky video with the model dressed as a witch and all the balloons in orange and black.

- Valentine. Video with heart shaped balloons.

- Videos with MOAB balloons (extremely large balloon 2.40 m long and 1 m diameter).

- Videos with a large inflatable horse (height 1.80 m)


Examples of custom requests that were rejected:

- Someone requested a video where the actress had to inflate a MOAB balloon with her mouth while masturbating. Knowing that this balloon contains somewhere between 1500 and 2000 liters of air, this is completely absurd and was not be accepted.

- Someone asked for a video with a very romantic bed in a romantic room, special bedding with romantic pillows, showing photos of how it should look. In addition to the difficulty of finding such a location, the location owner must also give us permission to make adult films. So this was rejected because it was too time-consuming and possibly too expensive.

- One person asked for a girl to pop 50 balloons by sitting on them and bouncing on them until they pop. It was not allowed to use fingernails or other sharp objects. Denied due to feasibility and risk: It is extremely difficult to sit-pop balloons on a bed because the mattress is soft, while it is dangerous to do so on a hard floor because of the risk get injured.

- Someone asked for a video with 4 Coca-Cola beach balls that he would send us. The goal was also to burst the beach balls by sitting on them and bouncing them. First, the video is rejected because of the branding on the beach balls and second, because of the feasibility and danger of bursting these beach balls just by sitting on them and humping them. This would certainly have resulted in injuries to the model.


Private content. You want a private photo shoot or video clip of yourself or with several people. Of course this is possible. Please note that we are based in Belgium and only work in the area surrounding our location. A photo shoot starts from € 150.00 (for 10 reworked photos). A price indication for video is € 350.00. None of these include a model or a location to shoot! You select the location for the shoot, but we can give you some advice. Travel costs may be added. By mutual agreement, there may or may not be a logo on the photos or video. The content has less limits (may show sexual interactions, peeing, squirting, gangbang...) but must be legally permitted (+18 years, no animals, etc.) and every person must give writting permission to be photographed or filmed. The content will never be published by us unless you give written permission. Your content and your personal data will never be shared with any other person or company. You are allowed to publish the content.


How to process now? Send your idea to Let us know the type of content and a detailed description of what you want. We assess the feasibility of creating the content and make a price quote. Try to have your description as detailed as possible, as the idea is not to add details after the price has been determined. We will create your content with the intention to best reflect your submission, however, it is always possible that there may be minor changes during the shoot. We do not guarantee that the content will correspond 100% to your request.


Other requests: Some examples of requests we are happy to accept:

- Sending video clips electronically. Request a set of min. 10 video clips of your choice and it will be sent via wetransfer. There is a -20% discount (based on Clips4Sale prices)


- Sending video clips of your choice on USB stick. Request a set of min. 10 video clips of your choice and they will be sent on a USB stick. There is a -20% discount (based on Clips4Sale prices). In addition, there will be €40.00 charge for the USB stick + shipping costs within the European Union (admin costs included).


- Sending burst balloons or shreds of clothing used in our videos. Only for a minimum of €60.00 + shipping costs. Shipping only within the European Union.


Thank you for sending your requests or additional questions to We will reply as soon as possible.

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